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What is Pingtext and how does it work?

Pingtext is a website that makes it quick and easy to send SMS messages for you to send SMS to lists of mobile phone numbers.

The website lets you creat an account and then top up that account with credits. Each time you send a standard length SMS (160 characters) you use one credit. Each credit costs 2.5p.

Pingtext can be used simply by manually adding or removing numbers from your list or you can take advantage of the range of features we offer.

The simplest way to see how Pingtext works is to sign up for our free trial. You will have twenty five credits added to your account and this will allow you to send out twenty five SMS messages through our gateway. If you like the service you can just buy more credits.

Pingtext is rich in features

API Control

Your developers can use the List Builder API to automatically add or remove from lists of numbers you want to send to or 'washlists' of numbers you don't want to send to.

Send to Anywhere

Pingtext messages can be sent to mobile phones all over Europe at no extra cost and we can also send to over 250 countries around the world.

Branded Messages

Instead of messages appearing to come from a phone number use 'alphatagging' to brand the message so that it arrives.

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Track every SMS Send

Every SMS you send results in a Delivery Receipt which details exactly the status of the send. You can then adjust your 'broadcast lists' accordingly, removing numbers that repeatedly fail to receive messages.

Schedule in Advance

Schedule your messages to be delivered straight away or at any time you require. Promotional messages are more likely to be read and acted upon in the evening than the middle of the day so scheduling and monitoring responses can be key.


Blink and you missed it

Pingtext processes messages at lightening pace processing tens of thousands of messages a minute allowing you to schedule broadcasts of up to 100'000 messages.


Premium Send

Provided that you have the relevant MO permissions you can use Pingtext to manage and send Premium Billed SMS through most of the established UK aggregators.

Network Lookup

We automatically check for the Mobile Network ID before we send out through our Gateway so you can even submit Premium Text Messages for Broadcast.

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Personal Touch

Our 'contacts' database contains fields (such as names) that you insert into your messages. When the SMS arrives to your customer it can address them personally.